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How Do I Fix My Blinds? Do Blinds Go for Repairs and How Much Does It Cost?

If you’ve found your way to this article, then the likelihood is that you have had a bit of a run in with your blinds. As aesthetically stunning as they are, the moment they fall into disrepair they can quickly turn from charming sun-blockers, to infuriating blood-boilers. That’s right, as much as we love these handy little additions to our home, they’re all too easy to hate! Like when you…
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18th Birthday Party Ideas for Australian Boys and Girls

Ah the big 18! It’s a momentous day for boys and girls in Australia! Finally, you are able to drink, vote, and get married (though you’ll probably want to wait for the latter). You are still technically a teen, but you are slowly starting to understand what it is like to be an adult with family members and friends (hopefully) treating you as such. Thus, what better a time to truly celebrate…
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