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Boxcutters, Chloe Hooper, Clementine Ford

Listen: Boxcutters

For my fellow television-obsessives, this is a podcast you should really be tuning in to on a regular basis. Talking about all the latest small-screen news, reviewing a good range of mainstream and left-of-centre finds, each episode uncovers something worth tuning in for. Not to mention our very own Courteney Hocking pops in every now and again. Can’t ask for more than that.

Read: The Engagement – Chloe Hooper.

Having devoured this in one sitting, I can highly recommend it. Chloe Hooper may be more well known for her journalism and creative non-fiction, particularly her previous book Tall Man, but this latest release proves her fiction is just as notable. The story follows Liese, an English woman who has an engagement to spend a weekend away at a remote country property with a man she considers to be her co-conspirator in a fantasy game they have been playing. What follows is a tense, unsettling story which demands the reader’s undivided attention.

Watch: Clementine Ford’s Wheeler Centre Lunchtime Soapbox – We’re all equal now so we should shut up and go home

I had the pleasure of being in the audience to listen to this in person, but luckily for all of you The Wheeler Centre have kindly uploaded this passionate talk by Clementine Ford to their website. Discussing modern feminism and the idea that the battle has already been won, Ford manages to break down where feminism is (and isn’t), and what still needs to be achieved.


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