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Gaysia, Scott and Bailey, and JoMad I Heard You Like Books

Read: Gaysia

I’ve been hanging out for this, the second book by Benjamin Law. Dude can write. I’ve allowed myself to be teased by these blog posts over at The Inc. Blot where he talks about the process of writing this book.

Watch: Scott & Bailey

If you’re a fan of British crime, this series is pretty ace. Featuring not one but two layered, interesting women cops in the lead roles (supported by another brilliantly-drawn character as their female boss), I haven’t enjoyed a new British crime series like this since seeing Caroline Quentin star in Blue Murder. The pair do the usual crime solving work, with a dash of soap-style personal storylines thrown in. Unlike most women on television however, these two are flawed, imperfect, lovable, loathable and most importantly: somewhat believable.

Listen: JoMad I Heard You Like Books

This podcast is all about books, but like most things I enjoy it also meanders through a variety of related topics and ideas as they come up. Hosts Jojo Jakob and Maddie Crofts chat about what they have been reading with a new guest each week (I even managed to talk my way onto there earlier this year) and I never fail to pick up more titles for my To Read list each week. Also, they make me laugh a lot.

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