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Weekend long reads – 22 Sept

Take some time this weekend to delve a bit deeper and enjoy these long reads.

How to Write About Dressing Well: The Truth About Fashion Criticism – Fiona Duncan (Bullett)

Fashion can be art. It is psychology, sociology, history, identity (religion, sexuality, gender), politics, and commerce. It is the material of the everyday and a vehicle for profound human performance; shelter and superfluity.

A Conservative History of the United States – Jack Hitt (New Yorker)

1500s: The American Revolutionary War begins: “The reason we fought the revolution in the sixteenth century was to get away from that kind of onerous crown.”—Rick Perry

Capitalism, the infernal machine: An interview with Fredric Jameson – Aaron Leonard (Rabble)

“Nobody wakes up in the morning and says, I wanted to increase my payroll because I think it’s good for the American economy.” This is a pretty direct way of saying business does not exist to create jobs; it is there to make money. That is exactly what Marx lays out in Capital. There is no direct connection between productivity and creating jobs.

The Making of Prince of Persia Journals 1985-1993 – Jordan Mechner

I started keeping a journal in college, and kept it up for several years afterward. During those years I created my first games, Karateka and Prince of Persia, on an Apple II computer.

Reporting Poverty – Emily Brennan (Guernica)

Following three years of research in an Indian slum, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist discusses what language can’t express, her view that nobody is representative, and the ethical dilemmas of writing about the poor.

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