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The Team

Incidentally, we’ve put together one of them list things if you want to follow all the below at once.

Ben Harris-Roxas tweets, blogs and watches too much TV. You can find him at @ben_hr or at

Brad Lacey is very tall and owns many pairs of jeans. He responds well to petting and enjoys words. Sometimes found at @brad_lacey.

cjjosh exists only in the social media world and is a political, journalism and TV junkie. @cjjosh loves the intertubes, tweets without malice and prefers Venn diagrams to graphs.

Courteney Hocking has worked as the only ladywriter for Good News Week, was a finalist in the 2012 Spirit of Young Australia Awards and has co-hosted radio with Daniel Kitson. She’s a writer amp; comedian who is “whip smart… shrewd amp; funny” (The Age). You can find her bon mots, belligerence and belly-aching on twitter @courteneyh and more of her work at Silent Tristero’s Empire.

David Paris is an audio aficionado with a taste for whisk(e)y and an illness that has compelled him to learn things about pain management medication. This means he is less able to ride his motorcycle but more able to spend time on the internet, which he also does for a living with the Australian Greens. You can find him on Twitter @DavidParis and at other places at

Jason Wilson is an itinerant Australian who is currently scratching the bugs of nicotine dependency out of his arms.

Jennifer Bennett used to be a journalist but she’s not any more. Her entire life has been a search for somewhere to read in peace. She’s at @Jen_Bennett on twitter if you’d like to hear more from her.

Jonathonio works in the media, but is NOT a journalist, never has been and – god willing – never will be. He is a world expert on all topics and brings shame upon himself on Twitter at @jonathonio.

Ketan Joshi works in the renewable energy industry, and documents his feelings about energy, science, and coffee on his blog, here, or on Twitter, here.

Lefa Singleton Norton is a Batman, Twin Peaks and tea fanatic. Everything else is just background noise. By day she can be found at Express Media where she is the creative producer. See also @LefaSN.

Liam Hogan, a thoroughly modern man, is interested in cities. He is on Twitter at @liamvhogan.

Paul D’Agostino spends much of his time reflecting on his four-stance kung fu. A captioner by day, comedian by night, writer and gaming/film enthusiast in his spare time, you can follow him at @4stancekungfu.

Peter Hollo had a lucrative career as a goldfish-swallower until the entire market crashed in 1988. Quickly retooling as an electric cellist, he was made infamous by the accidental “success” of FourPlay String Quartet. He uses his FBi radio show Utility Fog as a flimsy excuse to justify buying so many CDs, and wishes he had more time to make experimental music as Raven. Working fulltime as an IT thingy might have something to do with it. He Twitters at @frogworth. His Philosophy and Pure Maths degree continues to be useless (as intended).

Rebecca Shaw is otherwise known as @Brocklesnitch. She is the funniest person on Twitter. Fact.

Renne Miles is an unrepentant Marvel comics nerd (but don’t ask about Civil War) who games in her spare time, and won’t survive a zombie apocalypse. She can be found tweeting about her television-related self-loathing at @missrenne.

Sabine Wolff is an avid consumer of news and/or the internet. She is interested in planes, cats, brussels sprouts, and fabrics that feature prints of any of these items. She can be found on Twitter at @sabinewolff where she tweets pictures of planes, cats, brussels sprouts and also sometimes shares feelpinions.

Sarah Jane believes she was named after a Doctor Who companion (she was not), therefore entitled to her very own robot dog (she is not). She further deludes herself with claims that her hairstyle is a homage to cheesemaker/adequate britpop bassplayer Alex James and certainly not Justin Bieber. When not running in fear from street performers pretending to be statues you can find her at @sazzajay livetweeting re-runs of The Bill.

Tanya Harris-Roxas is a lawyer from Sydney and a veteran of the Oxford Comma Wars.

Tim Hollo has never managed to reconcile his obsessions with music, climate change, politics and family life in any reasonable manner to enable decent quality of life. While he moonlights as the founder of Green Music Australia, he is writing here in his personal capacity as a clean-living father of two, and can be found at @timhollo.

Tim Norton has a penchant for cats, text in Impact Bold, white borders and the fruits of Al Gore’s labour. A supposed expert in social media, he will punch you in the genitals if you call him a SMEG. By day he’s a strategic SMEG consultant. You can bug him at @norton_tim but he only uptweets so why bother? Instead, go here.

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