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Guest Posting Submission Guidelines

  • We are looking for a long-term partner with writers who can deliver fresh and active ideas. If anyone would like to manifest your imagination, we are happy to form a collaboration with you!
  • We are also looking for unique and original content with 1200+ words.
  • Try to make your copy user-friendly. Heading, subheading, paragraph break-up, and bullet points are preferred. Each paragraph is recommended not to exceed 4 sentences maximum.
  • Citings are essential. Back your points, make them reliable, good research would make your copy more trustworthy!
  • Illustrated images to make your copy more user-friendly are required as well.
  • If you hand us your article, we will notify your publishing arrangement as soon as possible. And once the article is published, you can post them on your personal blog as well, but please link the article to our article as the first appearance.
  • To be user-friendly to the finest, please avoid using the passive voice as much as possible (not prohibited, but recommend not to).
  • Importantly, we do not accept paid ads, sponsored posts, sensitive matters like porns, drugs, or illegal subject for guest posting.

The guidelines above are norms and standards for our website, we suggest you complete all the quests before submitting, otherwise discarded. If you are alright with them, you can fill in the form below with your first draft in mind. Make sure you have our approval before scribing because we cannot ensure your publication. Therefore, be patient with us.

Our guest posting is careless who you are underneath, it’s what you do that defines you.

Please note that we are looking for a purely fresh idea to engage with our users,  regardless of your credibility beforehand. If we click, we click. It does not matter if you have dozens of articles go live, if we consider your submitted piece of writing is not matching with our site, then, you know.

Consider our platform as a portal for you to exhibit your skills as we think everyone deserves appreciation and we will make sure it is happening. We are trying our best to help local businesses and first-started writers to become recognised, and we hope you are, too. Be our partner, write for us, and grow together!


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