30th Birthday Present and Party Ideas for Australian Men and Women

While historically and in different cultures your 18th or 21st birthdays were the most significant, today a 30th can be just as important – and it’s important to celebrate the right way. 30 is now considered more the age of true adulthood than 18 or 21, when people start to settle down, grow up, or, alternatively, when they might need reminding that they are still young.

If you are looking to throw an incredible birthday party with the best gift for a 30-year-old in Australia, read on and get ready to be inspired…

30th Birthday Present Ideas for Australian Men 

Birthday presents can sometimes feel tricky for a lot of men. You don’t want to just buy a bottle of booze, or a few pairs of socks. You want it to be special. Something they will keep and remember, an experience that can be enjoyed and will create lasting memories, or even something fun and silly. Each 30-year-old is different, and will have different ideas of what makes a perfect gift.

There are plenty of incredible presents out there for you to choose from, and here are a few ideas to get you started…Surfboard on the beach at sunset

  • A monthly club – for a man who appreciates the finer things in life, wine, beer, cheese, steak, or anything else of the month can be an excellent present. For the gift that keeps on giving, your 30-year-old can enjoy this present all year round.
  • Cooking equipment – in your 20s it is easy not to care too much about the kind of knives you use or what pans and other equipment fill your kitchen. For 30, a posh set of knives, matching pans, or even a set of utensils can make some people just as happy as a new watch.
  • Gifts for the garden – getting outside and relaxing can be the best way to unwind after a long day at work. Consider making your 30-year-old a garden nirvana complete with a hammock and a parasol, or go for a new BBQ and get the food cooking instead.
  • Sports equipment – again, think of what the birthday boy likes, or might like to do. Think climbing equipment, a surfboard, boots, and so on.
  • Watches and jewellery – a classic gift for a reason, you can choose from tons of lovely gifts in this category.
  • Clothes – a potentially risky option, don’t opt for clothes unless you know what they like, and what size they are.
  • Novelty items – sometimes the best gift you can get is one that makes them laugh. Go for something that makes them seem old, as long as you think they will get the joke, or something suitably childish that you can have fun with.

As well as physical gifts, you can also pamper your 30-year-old with a delightful experience, get them out and trying something new, or challenge them with something scary or rewarding. Some of the best gifts you can give that aren’t that easy to wrap include:

  • Music lessons – one of the most common wishes among men in their 30s is to learn to play an instrument like the guitar. Give a man the gift of music and see how he can get years of enjoyment from your present.
  • Physical activities – get out for the day and go climbing, skiing, or skating. Learn to surf, try your hand at archery, and give your 30-year-old a new experience, or one that they really love.
  • Exciting days out – you can choose to take a stock car for a spin, go sky diving or bungee jumping, or go up in a hot air balloon. The options are nearly endless, just really think about anything the birthday boy might have mentioned wanting to do, and see if you can make that dream a reality.

Pampering massaging of a beautiful brunette

30th Birthday Present Ideas for Australian Women

Many women will enjoy the same gifts as men for their 30th birthdays – exciting activities, and thoughtful or meaningful gifts that have been specifically chosen for them. One person may love a sporting day out, while another would far prefer a day at the spa, or a new book to read. 

If you are struggling to buy a gift for a 30-year-old Australian woman, write down all you know about their likes and dislikes and go from there. Nostalgia can be a good way to go, but really anything that shows you care is sure to be appreciated. If you are looking for inspiration, some top ideas for women include:

  • Accessories – a safer gift than clothes in general, you can pick out some truly stunning accessories such as scarves, hats, and more. Or go for something that is more of a costume to fit the theme of the party.
  • Jewellery – jewellery can make an exceptional gift, but don’t just buy any old thing. Think about whether they wear gold or silver, what they wear on a daily basis, and choose your present accordingly.
  • Pampering gifts – a spa day, or really anything that might relax and pamper your 30-year-old, can make a wonderful gift. Your birthday is a great day to be spoiled, so your present should do just that.
  • Personalised gifts – whether a woman is celebrating her 16th birthday or her 60th, a personalised gift is arguably the best gift you can choose. You can personalise anything from jewellery to a mug for your tea. Make a gift using a particular photo, or engrave a special message into a bracelet or even a notebook. The options are endless.

30th Birthday Party Ideas for Australian Men

Much as with the kind of 30th birthday present you should give, the best party you can throw will depend entirely on the personality of the birthday boy. Some people will prefer a massive affair, with an incredible setting, fun activities, or the fanciest of food. Others may prefer a more intimate party with loved ones, in a relaxed or informal setting.

No matter the type of party you decide on, it is essential that you don’t run out of food and drink. Nothing is guaranteed to bring a party to a screeching halt like the bar running dry, or the buffet sitting empty. There are some impressive affordable catering solutions for you to check out, so your guests remain happy and well-fed all night long.

Here are some party ideas for 30-year-old men to get you started on your ideal event:

  • Throw a party on a boat – being out on the water, looking at the lights in the harbour, and enjoying that sense of luxury can really set a party off with a bang.
  • Take a brewery tour – there are many excellent packages you can choose from that include plenty of tasting to set you up for a top night.
  • Visit a theme park – some of the best parties when you are young can also make incredible parties when you are not quite as young. Head to a theme park, go on all the rides and enjoy the refreshments available at the same time.
  • Add some competition – a lot of men enjoy a challenge, and a little competition on their birthday. You can incorporate that into your party with some laser tag, paintballing, poker, or really anything you want.

Birthday girl. Group of happy people celebrating birthday among friends and smiling while having a party

30th Birthday Party Ideas for Australian Women

Women likewise enjoy a variety of activities on their birthday and may prefer different styles of party. One woman’s dream event will be very different from another, so really think about what would make the day special for them, not just what you yourself might love. Some ideas for a perfect 30th birthday party for women are:

  • Pick a fun theme – this could be the year or decade in which they were born, with clothing, music, food, and even slang from this time. You can go with a particular dress code, or pick a location that suits your theme such as a cocktail bar and Sex and the City.
  • Pick a great activity to get your guests mingling and having fun – a murder mystery party game can be an unforgettable experience for your birthday, as can an escape room, or a challenge like the Crystal Maze. Think of your birthday girl’s favourite activities and try and incorporate them into your party.
  • Try a wine tasting – it can be fun to learn more about your favourite beverage, especially when tasting is a key part of this. If wine is not your thing, go for cheeses, beers, whiskeys, or whatever the guest of honour most loves. You can give cocktail-making a go, or even a cooking class if that is what the birthday girl likes to do.
  • Head out on the town – a classic choice, but one that is popular for a reason. There are so many different things you can do for a 30th, from karaoke to a dancing class followed by clubbing. Let your hair down, boogie the night away, and enjoy feeling young and looking fabulous.

Final thoughts

To truly make a birthday special, all you really have to do is show that you know your 30-year-old, what they like, and that you have gone to the effort of trying to make it a special day for them. Whether you want to ring in 30 by celebrating life in the 90s or throw a formal and fancy soiree, all that matters is that the food and drink are plentiful and that a good time is had by all.

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