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U.S. Slugfest 2012, Sky’High and DDOS attacks on your body?

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The bizarre story behind The Atlantic‘s September issue cover photo of Obama and Romney slugging it out. Have these guys not heard of Photoshop?


Sky’High is a Sydney-based MC and Forever Sky-High is her debut album. Her music has an aggressive and honest quality that I haven’t heard for a while in Australian hip hop. Have a listen to her stuff on Soundcloud then buy the album from the Elefant Tracks store to avoid the



Apple tax.

Body hacking: DDOS attacks on your body?

Millions of people are walking around with implanted medical devices like internal heart defibrillators. Many of these devices rely on RFID, Bluetooth and even wireless modems for adjustment and monitoring. A recent conference presentation highlighted the risks of unencrypted devices, describing how they managed to force an insulin pump into “suspend” mode:

“What he found was his monitor had no verification of the remote signal. Worse, the pump broadcasts its unique ID so he was able to send the device a command that put it into SUSPEND mode (a DoS attack). That meant Radcliffe could overwrite the device configurations to inject more insulin. With insulin, you cannot remove it from the body (unless he drinks or eats something sugary). The same overwrite of commands would also be possible with pacemakers as well.

I wonder how long it’ll be until Anonymous gets onto this.

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