Ask The Trollacle: time management

AllTalk in Albury-Wodonga asks;

“I am having trouble making the time to meet commitments I excitedly made when I was less busy. As a consequence my work and my relationships are suffering. How can I better manage my time and deliver on the things I promised?

Thanks for the question, AllTalk.

The simplest way out of this predicament is to always disappoint. Disappoint everyone and everything. Make causing disappointment your default position. Offer to cook a nice meal but burn it. House-sit for people but leave the doors open and allow their pets to escape. Underperform sexually.

Who has time to be relied on in today’s busy world? You risk making yourself the go-to person for all manner of dilemmas and disasters. It is far, far better to be pitied than relied upon. The more pathetic you are, the less likely anyone will hold you to your word, and they’re equally less likely to be mad at you for letting them down. Once people lose all expectations of your adequacy they will cease having any expectations of you at all.

When you decide something is truly important, the last thing you want to do is to create pressure for yourself. If it matters to you then no doubt the thoughts of the people involved matter to you too. Why risk hurting them by sometimes delivering excellence?

The key to flexibility and time management is procrastination. Don’t do anything today that can be done tomorrow. My top five recommendations for procrastination are as follows:

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