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Weekend Long Reads – 11 May

Take some time this weekend to delve a bit deeper and enjoy these long reads.

I’m still here: back online after a year without the internet – Paul Miller (The Verge)

It’s a been a year now since I “surfed the web” or “checked my email” or “liked” anything with a figurative rather than literal thumbs up. I’ve managed to stay disconnected, just like I planned. I’m internet free.

The importance of instilling a need to read – Jonathan Douglas (The Telegraph)

Teens who choose to pick up a book for pleasure are more likely to succeed in life, research shows. But getting them to do so isn’t easy.

Schizophrenic. Killer. My Cousin. – Mac McClelland (Mother Jones)

It’s insanity to kill your father with a kitchen knife. It’s also insanity to close hospitals, fire therapists, and leave families to face mental illness on their own.

Escape – Natasha Gardner (5280)

Each year, more than 18,000 victims of domestic violence call SafeHouse Denver’s hot line. Meet one of them.

The Americans. A walkthrough. – Todd VanDerWerff (AV Club)

The Americans’ producers walk us through their first-season storylines

The Rape of Petty Officer Blumer – Sabrina Rubin Erdely (Rolling Stone)

Inside the military’s culture of sex abuse, denial and cover-up

MR. BIG – Robert Kurson (Rolling Stone)

Jonah Falcon was born with a blessing in, er, disguise. Until it took over his life. And tormented him.

Should Unvaccinated Kids Be Banned From Child Care Centres? – Tim Byron (The Vine)

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