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Broad City, The Rereaders and reading about where you are

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Here’s one for my fellow litnerds. The team at Rereaders have returned to the podcast with renewed vigour, and I’m loving it. Their last few have covered topics like The Saturday Paper, Broad City and tbe Precious Metals exhibition, and offer an unabashed thrashing out of opinions. Of particular enjoyment is the ability of the hosts to draw in deeper themes and connections to the works being discussed.

Read: about where you are

I recently went on a trip around the UK, which I’ll bet you’re surprised to hear was loads of fun. One of the aspects of my trip I enjoyed the most was setting myself the challenge to read books either set in, or written by people from, the places I was travelling through. I wanted to go past the idea of reading travel biographies of places, which is a common practice for travellers, and to delve into the stories from people who had lived there. It added such a beautiful dimension to my trip and I highly recommend it. You can read more about what I read and enjoyed over here.

Watch: Broad City

When it works, it has you gasping for breath as laughing squeezes all the oxygen from your body. When it doesn’t it misses the mark by a mile. Given that the highs are so high though, it’s well worth checking out. The show suffers from being compared to Girls, often described as its more unsuccessful wild younger sister, but while it shares some of the same fodder as Girls season one – twentysomething women in New York searching for something more than their dead-end jobs, negotiating relationships with men and each other – this is an entirely different beast. It’s as lazy a comparison as saying Girls was the new Sex in the City. I’m all for seeing more women’s stories on my television, even if they are more white women in New York. Give it a go.

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