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Nothing, The Tribe and #blocclub does Twin Peaks


To nothing. Sweet, sweet nothing. Fellow LN teamster Courteney Hocking put me on to noise cancelling headphones. These beauties aren’t just designed to make listening to your favourite music sweeter, they can also be used to block out any and all noise from the world around you. They have revolutionised my life. No jokes. As an insomniac, I can now block out the sounds of my partner snoring next to me where previously I would have been stewing in sleep envy. As a tinnitus sufferer, I can now reduce the two-tone ringing in my ear most days by just turning on the noise cancelling function on my headphones where previously I would have been driven slowly mad trying to listen to music or television despite the ringing. As an infrequent migraine sufferer I can now use the noise cancelling function to block out environmental sounds and have complete white noise, which s00thes my oversensitive ears, where previously I would have cried in frustration and pain when my earplugs failed to block out the sounds of everyday life which had suddenly become torture. I can’t wear giant headphones, they just feel uncomfortable, but these tiny earbuds are inobtrusive and excellent.

Read: The Tribe

I have had Ambelin Kwaymullina’s series on my To Read list for ages. I don’t know why I didn’t start it sooner, but as soon as I started book one I realised this series is one I’ll be hooked on for good. Books one and two have been released, with more to come, and I have to say they are the best YA books I’ve read in ages. Years. The world building, mythology and story arching is impeccable. Part of me wanted to pull apart the technical aspects to see how she had done it, but the part of me entirely enveloped in the stories couldn’t pull myself out of the narrative long enough to do it. The protagonist of the stories reminds me of Elly of John Marsden’s Tomorrow series; at once heroic, flawed and real. It’s so refreshing to read a series uniquely Australian but devoid of ocker colloquialism. No cultural cringe here. Highly recommended for YA fans.

Watch: Twin Peaks

Join in with Writers Bloc for the #blocclub viewing of Twin Peaks. I cannot tell you how excited I am to have a group of fellow fans and a cohort of TP-virgins to enjoy this show with. I’m a Twin Peaks nut, and sharing my adoration makes it all the sweeter. Tuesdays are now my favourite night of the week. Come tweet/fb with us week by week as we watch season one. BYO coffee, donuts and cherry pie.

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