6 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Learn Martial Arts

Martial arts are traditional combat practices ideal for many purposes i.e. health, self-improvement, and self-defense.

There are a variety of different types of martial arts such as taekwondo, jiu-jitsu, Thai boxing, judo, kickboxing and karate classes. They all come from different origins. Each type has different movement patterns and fight techniques.

You can see that many parents send their kids to martial arts schools. But why? Here are some of the benefits of martial arts.

1. Fitness

Martial arts are great way for your kids to exercise. Most martial arts classes start with warm-ups i.e. stretches, jumping jacks, jogging and pushups. You kids will be active from the very beginning of the class. Martial arts’ movements involve muscle training and cardio training because learners need muscle strength to attack and need endurance to fight during the match. Martial arts training can tone up muscles whilst increasing their flexibility and physical fitness.

2. More Focus

With all the technology and changes in today’s world, it is hard for kids to concentrate. Many parents are faced with hyperactive children who are extremely active and cannot focus. Martial art classes can make children more focused. During a bout, learners require stillness and silence to think about the movements needed to fight and to analyze their opponent. Most martial arts gyms are quiet and serious which means that learners have to always pay attention in class.

3. Self-Discipline

Today’s kids are accustomed to instant pleasure. Everything is fast and simple with the internet and electronic devices. Self-restraint and self-discipline is not easy for children. As martial arts help children to have a mental focus, kids who have trained in martial arts tend to have more self-control.

4. Self-Defense

Learning to defend yourself from assault is essential for everyone. Crimes happen every day and children are one of the targets. Besides fitness and self-improvement, training in martial arts also focuses on self-defense. Your children will learn to guard themselves against an assailant in a variety of ways. Many schools add defence classes to teach children how to avoid problems and how to solve then when they occur.

5. Self-Confidence

Martial arts improve children’s confidence. As most martial arts use a belt ranking system, they need to pass a test to get to a higher rank. Your kids will learn to set a goal and achieve it. After they accomplished their goals and get promoted, they will be more confident and proud of themselves.

6. Social Skills

It is hard to make friends and get to know people for some kids. Unlike playing in the playground, martial arts classes require interaction between each kid. They have a battle together, learn to respect each other, learn to forgive and become friends. It is easier to make friends with someone who shares a common interest.

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