Coconut Oil in the Bedroom?

Whilst there are many benefits from coconut oil from loosing those unwanted lines and boosting your immune system. There is one more benefit I would like you guys to know about, and it can be a lot more fun.

The sun is out, the surf is up and it’s time for summer Coconut lovin

Now here at Coconut love, we believe you should only use natural products on your skin. If it’s suitable for digestion then it is good enough to use on our body, in fact anywhere on your body.

What we want you to be mindful of is what you are going to use in the bedroom. Now there are many different types of personal lubrication out there on the market and some of them claim to be organic and natural but exactly how natural are they? We feel you should know exactly what you are using on your skin and with virgin coconut oil you cant be more certain of the fact that you are using a natural product.

The anti bacterial and anti viral properties (which will help reduce or prevent the chance of infections) are not the only benefits from using coconut oil. Coconut oil won’t evaporate as quickly as water-based lubricants, reducing friction and again the likelihood of an infection. Also unlike some silicone-based lubricants it can also be used with condoms or silicone toys because it won’t beak down the materials that they are made from.

Any lubricants that contain glycerine have been known to cause yeast infections. Glycerine that is a sugar alcohol compound and it is a regular ingredient found in unnatural flavoured lubes or in drugstore brands. We recommend using Coconut Love Virgin Coconut Oil for a personal lubricant to prevent yeast infections that can be caused by sex. It is the natural lube with the most benefits you can use.

So for fun in the bedroom please don’t for get to take some Coconut Love

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