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How Often Do Pools Need to Be Resurfaced and how much does it cost in Australia?

Is your swimming pool looking a little worse for wear these days? Perhaps you feel as though it needs resurfacing and you’re concerned that it’s a little too soon? In any case, we will explore how often you should need to resurface your swimming pool on average and how much it costs in Australia so that you can plan and budget accordingly.

Of course, not all swimming pools are created equal and there are a number of surfaces and materials available on the market. Thus, the type of swimming pool that you have in your backyard will affect the regularity at which you will need to resurface it. The average is between 3 to 7 years for resurfacing, but let’s get a little more specific, shall we?

How often should you replaster your swimming pool?

When it comes to your pool and replastering, you should white coat it once every 10 years. In that time, you should be able to easily budget enough to cover the costs of any fixes and updates that will be required.

How often do you have to resurface a fiberglass pool?

For fiberglass swimming pools, they should last at least 25 years (provided the quality of the original finish was up to par).

How often do you have to resurface a concrete pool?

A concrete pool is a little bit different and typically only needs to be resurfaced every 10 to 15 years. Additionally, you’ll typically have to replace the waterline when you do so.

If you resurface your swimming pool proactively, you won’t have to wait until cracks and damage begin to form. If you have a cement or plaster swimming pool, then you can get away with resurfacing it every 3 to 7 years as mentioned above. And again, fiberglass could be anywhere from 15-30 years.

How much is this going to cost in Australia?

Resurfacing a swimming pool with pebble-based material can cost about $5 bucks per square foot. So, if you have a pool with an internal area of 1,000 feet, you’ll be looking at about $5000 to resurface it.

When should you resurface your swimming pool?
Depending on how long you’ve had your swimming pool, you may notice a few imperfections begin to form. When this occurs, it’s a good sign that it is time to give your swimming pool a little love. Here are some things to watch out for:

–        Chalky residue
–        Sudden drops in your water levels
–        “Spider web” cracks in the plaster
–        Larger structural cracks
–        Plaster flaking or falling off
–        Mineral stains (which can have a coppery colour)

If you spot these issues form, it is best that you have them attended to by a swimming pool resurfacing specialist before they get worse. This is the best way to ensure that you can save as much money as possible when it does come to having your pool renovated.

Unfortunately, swimming pools are incredibly expensive to install, maintain, and keep over the years. That said, the immense pleasure and satisfaction that you and your family can gain from using a swimming pool in the comfort of your own home makes it all the more worth it!

Why don’t we look at some of the benefits of resurfacing your swimming pool to soften the blow a little bit?

Benefits of having your swimming pool resurfaced

Improve the aesthetic appeal

The obvious benefit of having your swimming pool resurfaced is restoring its aesthetic appeal. As a pool falls into disrepair, it becomes less and less attractive. Thus, you’ll likely end up using the swimming pool even less and then it becomes a bit of an ornament as opposed to a useful tool for having fun and staying healthy!

A slip-resistant exterior

In addition to having your pool resurfaced, you can also restore the exterior environment of your pool to ensure that it is anti-slip. This can save you and your family from having any nasty accidents when approaching your pool.

Maintain the value of your property

A freshly renovated pool can only add value to your property. If ever you decide you want to sell up and move on, if your swimming pool is in disrepair, not only will it affect the overall value of your home, but its buyability. Very few people are going to want to move into a home with a pool that needs resurfacing right away.

It’s an affordable alternative

Allowing a pool to fall completely into disrepair may result in needing to start completely from scratch. Rather than having to replace the pool entirely, a simple resurfacing project every now and again when necessary can save you a lot of money.

Improved safety and cleanliness

A worn and tattered pool is a dangerous place indeed. Keep your swimming pool clean and safe by ensuring that it is properly maintained. This will make it a much more comfortable environment for you and your family and friends to enjoy together.

There are cheaper alternatives

You don’t necessarily have to go for the most expensive option. There are ways of saving money when it comes to maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your swimming pool, it simply means making some cosmetic sacrifices and going for a material that is slightly less ‘fancy’.  The best bet is to reach out to your local swimming pool resurfacing experts and seek some advice from them. Any reputable pool resurfacing company will gladly present you with a number of suitable options for you and try to work around your available budget.

Whatever you decide to roll with, we wish you the absolute best of luck and hope that you can enjoy many years with a beautiful swimming pool that will deliver many wonderful memories.

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