What Questions Should You Ask a Buyer’s Agent?

Preparation is key when you meet a buyer’s agent for the first time. Having a list of questions will not only allow you to make an informed decision over the validity of their claims but it will also show them that you are not a push over. You will be evening the negotiation table and putting yourself back in control. After all, buying a house could be the single biggest purchase of your entire life, so you really need to be sure that the buyer’s agent that you use is trustworthy and of value. So, what sort of questions should you be asking them?


It is very easy for any business to say or state on their website that they are “long-serving” or “experienced”. The power of words holds weight, but it is an indeterminate measure and these claims will not always hold any weight. You should ask them about how long they have been in the field and then test the water by asking more detailed questions regarding this. Many a customer has been drawn in by empty statements so do yourself a favour and check the legitimacy of these claims. A quick google search will often confirm or deny what someone says to you too.


Ask the buyer’s agent about the properties they have sold within your target area. By doing so, you will not only find out further information about how genuine they are but also it will demonstrate to you how knowledgeable they are within that location. Obviously, places can have different house prices and the demographics of locales can vary considerably over small areas but gaining an understanding over their knowledge of an area will allow you to test the water, so to speak.

Contractual Obligations

Ask your potential buyer’s agent what agreements you have to stick to and give yourself an understanding of their terms and conditions. For all the spiel that a salesman can give a contract will lay things out in layman’s terms and give you a clear indication as to where you really stand, what you have to do and what you can expect. It’s an old adage but the detail is in the small print so read it!


One of the best ways to understand any professional’s previous successes, or lack of, is through the feedback given by previous clients. Without this you are solely taking the agent at face value and having to make a decision based off the quality of their attitude, appearance website or branding, all of which are easily manipulated.

If you ask to see some previous referrals and they refuse to give you any it is entirely fair to have doubts. If they are happy to give you some, ask them for the negative ones. This doesn’t need to make you look overly critical, necessarily, but it will show the agent that you want to understand the full spectrum of opinions. Whenever you approach a company such as LJ Hookers reliable buyer’s agents should be what they are providing, so ask the relevant questions and reassure yourself.

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