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What is a self-storage service? Why is it called self-storage? Will my stuff get ruined in storage? Is it worth paying for storage?

Whether you are downsizing, going abroad or could just do with a little extra space and want to make sure that your belongings are kept somewhere safe, secure and also accessible, putting them into storage is the right thing to do. 

It can be tricky to know where to begin though, to know what kind of storage to use, how well looked after your possessions will be and if it is worth the price. Here we will look at self-storage and answer a few of these questions to help you make the best decision for you. 

What is a self-storage service?

To begin with, let’s have a look at what exactly self-storage is. Storage, in general, is when you put your belongings somewhere secure, away from your own home or properties and where they are locked up and kept safe. 

There are different types of storage mostly relating to how easy it is to gain access to your things once they have been put away and what they are stored in. Self-storage is the most accessible of the lot and also allows you to choose the size of your unit to suit your needs far more easily than container storage or other options which are more difficult to get into once stacked. 

Self-storage really is all about you, bringing the personal touch into the world of storage. It is ideal for those who need an overflow space for their possessions, who don’t have enough room or want more but don’t want to just throw everything away, and still be able to see, use or remove items at will. 

You can store pretty much anything that you want (apart from a few restricted items) and should be able to have access more or less whenever you want. Selecting the size of the unit you require, what you want to put in it and how long you want it for are some of the ways in which self-storage is great for the individual as well as businesses and suchlike. You can use your unit for overflow stock that you still need to be able to get to or keep precious memories safe for years, it’s up to you.

Why is it called self-storage?

The name self-storage can be confusing in and of itself. You are not storing your own belongings in your house, garage or shed, that’s the whole point! The name is actually a shortened version of the title self-service storage, meaning that you are in charge of your own unit and putting your possessions in and out of it. 

Instead of paying a company to come to pick up your stuff, take it away and store it somewhere, you are renting your own unit and therefore have the benefits of flexibility and accessibility but also have to sort out said stuff yourself. Self-storage comes in different types and sizes so again consider which best suits your needs.

Will my stuff get ruined in storage?

Another question that people ask is how safe their possessions will be in storage. You generally don’t have to worry with good companies like Keep-It Self Storage there is 24 hour security to watch over your stuff

While they will be well looked after in terms of security, it is also important to ensure that those photo albums, paintings or anything else you might choose to store come out as pristine as they went in. Here it is once again important to think about what you are storing and the conditions they might need to be kept under. 

You may wish to check out climate-controlled options to keep safe things like rare books, pictures or clothes. There are also those that have no such checks which are usually used for outdoor furniture or other belongings functioning more like a shed. It is up to you to check what kind of unit you should be using to keep your possessions in. 

While in general your belongings should be absolutely fine, there are many things you can do to make sure that they are. Instead of just chucking everything in, take the time to vacuum pack or seal away items so they won’t let in any damp or anything else that may cause them harm. Don’t store plants in there – that is a sure-fire way to encourage mold and other unwanted things. As long as you store and stack your stuff away sensibly, it should be safe, secure and unspoilt.

Is it worth paying for storage?

When deciding which, if any, storage unit is right for you it is good to consider the cost. You might think you could store more stuff yourself, get another shed or take up precious space in your house and save yourself a bit of cash. It is important to remember, however, that with self-storage you aren’t just getting a bit more room to put your things. You are getting a safe, clean and secure unit looked after all day every day at the size you like for as long as you like, so in this respect, it is very much worth paying for if you can find the price and unit that fulfils all your requirements. 

That being said, make sure you think about how long you might want to use it as it is usually cheaper to rent a unit for longer and get the smallest size that you need as bigger generally costs more. There are ways to spend less but also get the unit you want at the same time.


Hopefully, we have answered a few of your questions here and you now know what self-storage is, why it is so named and can decide whether this is something you could do with your belongings today. Whether it is for personal or business items, short or long term and for a little or a lot there are options to suit every need so have a look for yourself.

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