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Are plantation shutters outdated? Do they go on the inside or outside? Do houses look better with or without shutters?

If you are considering what kind of window fittings to get for your home, you will want to be sure that the choice you make will benefit your house now and in the future. Plantation shutters can add value to your property, save on energy bills, and look fantastic all at the same time.

Here we will take a look at plantation shutters to help you decide if they are the right fit for you and your home today.

Are plantation shutters outdated?


Plantation shutters may be classic and reflect the beauty and the history of buildings dating all the way back to Ancient Greece, which in no way means that they are outdated. Plantation shutters can bring a level of class and grace to your house that normal windows cannot, and indeed offer a timeless look that will not fade.

There are so many options available today for you to choose from, and if you select a reputable and experienced company like Perth’s Boutique Plantation Shutter Installations can be carried out to your specifications. You can decide if you want a more rustic finish or something more elegant and fine; there are plenty of options for everyone.

While it can be argued there are more modern choices for your windows like curtains and blinds, plantation shutters have been around and working for centuries and still manage to avoid some of the foibles of modern blinds. You can easily open and close your plantation shutters without worrying about one side getting stuck up or down, an uneven hang, and so much more.

Despite, and indeed because of, their long history, plantation shutters are a tried and tested solution to your window needs that are actually growing in popularity instead of falling from favour. Selecting these wonderful fittings over blinds or curtains can make your home look less out of date rather than more, adding a timeless quality that can add value to your home.

Do plantation shutters go on the inside or outside?

Do plantation shutters go on the inside or outside

You can choose whether you would like your plantation shutters on the inside or outside of your home, and if you are struggling to decide for yourself you can always ask an expert for advice when looking at the different plantation shutters available. 

Exterior or outside window shutters have many benefits, perhaps the biggest of which is the visual impact they have on your property. Being able to see your shutters from the outside mounted there for all to see can make your home look more appealing and welcoming to others. 

If you are thinking of selling your house in the future, opting for these outdoor shutters can help to add value to your home while looking aesthetically pleasing at the same time. They also help protect your windows from extreme weather like strong winds and storms and even add a layer of security in helping keep people out. 

For all these and more reasons, exterior plantation shutters are an excellent choice. If you are considering getting interior shutters instead, however, there are many benefits to making this choice as well.

Mounting your shutters inside means that they are within easy reach to clean and maintain. Though there is very little of either needed with these shutters, being able to wipe them down without climbing a ladder is definitely helpful.

Further, plantation shutters come in so many styles and colours that by installing interior shutters, you can brighten up your home and really tie the room together with these stylish fittings. You can easily achieve the level of lighting that you want and also control the amount of heat entering the room with these shutters. 

Whether you opt for installing your shutters inside or outside is up to you. If you are in an area with more extreme weather, or if you like the extra layer of security, then exterior shutters are your best bet. If you are planning to enhance the design and style of your interiors, having inside shutters may be the best choice for you.

Do houses look better with or without shutters?

Do houses look better with or without shutters

Each house is different, and there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to every window and property. Plantation shutters have risen in popularity over the last few years for several reasons, one of which is most certainly their aesthetic appeal, but that doesn’t mean that putting up any old shutters will be the right choice for your home.

One rule of thumb is that shutters look best on windows where it looks like they can close over them, meaning that they shouldn’t just be added on as decorations, but be able to function properly as well. 

You should ensure that the shutters you choose for your house are the right size and style. And that they are installed by professionals to make certain they are situated correctly and avoid the negative look of uneven shutters. 

Shutters come in all kinds of colours and types, and if you are thinking of getting some for your house you should try and make sure that they match your aesthetic. If you have a traditional farm-house style home then classic rustic shutters may look wonderful, while if you have a more modern property then something a little more elegant might be a better choice.

As long as you select the right kind of shutters, they will look fantastic and only add to the look and appeal of your home, but if you get the wrong kind applied in the wrong way, you may wish you hadn’t installed them at all. 

Final thoughts 

Plantation shutters are a beautiful and timeless addition to any home, offering a classic look, extra security, lower energy bills and so much more. You can choose to have them installed inside or outside, but for best results, you should always consult the experts and allow them to help give you that perfect elegant look for your property.

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