How to choose the best lawn type for your home in Australia

There is a science behind almost everything you can possibly imagine that you encounter in your daily lives.  Somewhere out there will be someone who understands the engineering of your chair or the light bulb over your head in a degree of depth and detail that you would not have even thought was possible.  Amazingly the same is true of plants; almost all of them have been scientifically bred to be more resistant, to have a purer colour, not to have thorns, or to withstand drought.  But would you have considered there is a science to your lawn?

house with a beautiful lawn

Ask the experts to help you choose your lawn

Your lawn should be something you are proud of and if it looks subpar then that is going to be a hard task.  If you walk on your grass with bare feet you want to feel soft, almost luxurious grass beneath your feet, not sharp, pointy weeds, or stones, patches of dirt, or soggy areas.  If your lawn needs pulling up to par then seeking expert assistance might be right on the money.  Companies like Turf Suppliers will have the products and advice you need to get your garden looking fantastic again.

Choosing Turf is the answer

If your lawn is looking a bit sorry for itself and you don’t want to spend a year or two trying to nurse it back to health, then there is another option.  By choosing to replace your existing lawn with turf will give your garden an instant facelift and quickly settle down, leaving you with a fantastic finish and a beautiful lawn.

The science of grass

When you’re choosing your turf, this is where the science comes in.  Most people, if given the choice, would opt for the lowest maintenance lawn they could possibly have and there are grass options that will give can give you this freedom.  Of the available grass products, buffalo grass has recently risen in popularity quite dramatically as it provides a lovely finish and is quite resistant to attack from weeds and animals.  There is a lower maintenance option out there though, and it is known as Matilda Lawn.

Matilda Lawn is very resilient and it has been proven to perform outstandingly well in a wide variety of environments.  This resilience ensures that it will remain lush and green all year round, keeping its beautiful appearance and providing a wonderful look.  It also has a very high leaf density which means that your grass will have a wonderfully soft feel.  Matilda Lawn has also been designed to effectively grow in both shady and exposed areas so it will not yellow or wilt if it is not in direct sunlight like a lot of grass will.  Another key feature is that the grass is highly resistant to weeds; it achieves this by having a very dense root system, providing little room for the weeds to grow.  This also gives the grass a very strong grip on the earth, so it increases its resistance to being pulled out or worn.

lawn with house in background

But I still have to water it

Whereas it is true that this grass does still need watering, it is a plant and therefore a living thing after all; the grass does manage to maintain itself very well through droughts.  The Matilda grass can be left unattended for several weeks at a time and it will not lose any of its appearance.  But just to be clear, you do still need to water it.

Choosing the right product

If this all sounds like something you would like for your home, then make sure you get the right product.  There are farms dedicated to growing these kinds of specialised turf and by using a specialist, expert company to provide your turf you can be sure that you will be getting a quality role of Matilda turf from a grass farm that carries the quality you are looking for.

There are many options out there when it comes to your grass, but hopefully, after hearing about the benefits of turf and Matilda grass, you might know what you want for your home.  Ensure you treat your garden the way it deserves to be treated and give it a luxurious makeover with some fantastic, quality turf.

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