Education is What Remains After One Has Forgotten What One Has Learned in School

Education is one of the single most important tools in the whole world. Through it people are able to gain the skills to develop themselves, learn new skills and change their complete outlook on life. Albert Einstein once said that, “education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.” Therefore, the term education means much more than just academic learning and schooling. To become educated is to open one’s mind and become more aware of the things that we were not previously aware of. The human mind needs to be challenged and pushed as without this people can develop ignorance and a lack of interest in the things outside of their own immediate world. A great many wars and conflicts throughout history have been born through a lack of understanding or a limit to a culture understanding one different to its own. Through understanding and shared ideas so everyone can push forward into a more enlightened and understanding future. Beyond this more general outlook on the notion of education what other factors demonstrate the importance of education?

A Healthier Lifestyle

It is through education that our world has reached a point where most people are aware of the importance of sanitisation and hygiene. Imagine a world where people did not have the knowledge to drink clean water or the outcome of eaten rotten food. Through education people now understand what they need to do to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Dietary requirements and the value of keeping fit are more and more in the public conscience and developing this further through educating the world can lead to everyone reaching higher standards of life.

Education Promotes Equality

Through improved education so we can reduce the inequalities which have long cursed societies. Take, for example, how women were treated as second class citizens when compared to men for a long time. As part of this they were not allowed to receive an education and this ensured that the inequality remained and was in fact reinforced. By not receiving a decent education so future life prospects are diminished and the likelihood of experiencing a good standard of life are reduced. Not only this but superstitious beliefs can be removed and by doing so people can reach a greater level of equality as some of these outlooks can be more than just quaint beliefs but rather quite damaging and potentially controlling.

Independent Decision Making

Through education people can place themselves in a position to be able to work things out for themselves. Rational thinking and the ability to make decisions for oneself built on the basis of previous learning is of far more value than simply ‘knowing’. Logical thoughts can be developed through expanding one’s own personal knowledge and through this people can be in a situation to do things they would not have previously been able to do. The ability to develop one’s self is one of the most valuable things in life and education is the key which unlocks this possibility.


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