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What was the Taste of Your Childhood?

Many of us have a sweet tooth, and fighting that urge to indulge it can be one of life’s great challenges.  We know that excessive amounts of sugar is bad for us and we know that over indulging can lead to many health issues if it is consistent for too long.  Tut let’s be honest, most of us do not lack that degree of self-control and are more than capable of enjoying sweet treats in moderation.  If self-control is one of life’s great challenges, then indulging in your favourite treats must surely be one of life’s greatest pleasures, and being an adult it makes it a little extra sweet to know that it’s more than a bit naughty.


For most of us, our first experiences with candy treats were when we were children.  Chocolate and candy were rewards or for special occasions such as Easter and Christmas, but our parents kept it i moderation for us so we were always left wanting more.  By the time we’ve grown up, there are so many other things going on in our lives, that candy doesn’t often get much consideration, but have you ever noticed what a strong bond your memory has with tastes?  A strong taste can easily trigger memories and feelings in the same way that smells can, mainly due to these two senses being thoroughly intertwined in our brains.  What this means is that having a candy treat as an adult can bring childhood memories flooding back, giving as a nice dose of nostalgia in the process.

Historical Candy

The confectionary industry is just like every other industry in so much as it is constantly evolving with new innovations and products.  A natural side effect of this process is that older and less popular products will be retired from distribution, and for candy lovers this can be disastrous as it can mean that our favourite flavours and products can disappear, never to be seen again.

This is where well established online candy companies can help.  They can specialise not only in stocking and supplying a wide range of candy in just about every flavour imaginable, but some online candy companies can also custom make any candy you like with any combination of flavours and designs.

Recapturing the past

Having the ability to recreate practically any type of candy your heart desires should mean that nothing is beyond reach now.  Being able to have the flavours that defined your childhood, regardless of whether the original manufacturer is still producing them or not can truly be a wondrous thing.  This also provides a great gift idea and what marks a special occasion better than candy, and for that matter what is more special than the candy you loved as a child.  Using candy to recapture your past and deliver a shot of nostalgia will be a very gratifying experience for almost anyone, just remember that you are an adult now and should know how to eat candy in moderation!

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