Your Outdoor Event Checklist

Holding an event outdoor can be fun, but it can be tricky too. There are many things to consider. Theme, weather, size and budget are just a few things to consider. There are a lot of other details you have never thought of before that will pop up as you plan along.

Here is a quick checklist to help you keep track of what to consider and prepare for:

  1.  Determine what season you will have the event. Different seasons will require different things such as if you will be having it in the winter, an outdoor heater might be needed. If you will be having the event during the summer, high powered fans will come in handy to keep your guests cool.
  2. Event theme. What theme is appropriate for the event?
  3. Budget. You have to know how much you are willing to pay for your event before you can start planning everything else.
  4.  How big of an area will you need and how many guests? Is this a free event or people have to pay a fee to enter?
  5. Where will you have it? In a park? In the backyard? If you will have it in a public area such as your local park, make sure to contact the right people to get their permission to use the area.
  6. Will you need decorations? Parties will usually have lots of colorful balloons and a wedding will need flowers. Keep in mind the theme of your event, so you will be able to choose the right decorations accordingly.
  7.  What kind of entertainment will you have (if any)? Clowns, musicians or magicians? You do not have to only stick to the “typical” entertainers. There are many other unique entertainers such as dancers, puppets or sand drawers. The list is endless; just make sure they also must go hand in hand with the theme of the event.
  8. Booths, kiosks and gazebos. Will there be people selling things on kiosks? Or maybe game booths or resting spots under a gazebo? These can be personalized according to your event’s theme too. There are many companies that provide easy to assemble kiosks and premium pop up gazebos.
  9.  Food and drinks. Will food and drinks be available at the event? Will you hire caterers to provide free food and drink? Or would you rather let your local bakery shops and restaurants rent booths at the event?
  10. Mosquito and bug repellants. You might consider outdoor bug repellent lights to keep the pesky little creatures from bugging your attendees. Having an event full of bugs will ruin people’s mood.

This is just a fraction of the things you have to consider and deal with while planning an outdoor event. As mentioned before, this can challenge your patience and ability to problem solve as you go along. If successful, your event will be smooth sailing and everyone will have a blast. Do your best and don’t forget to have fun!

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