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18th Birthday Party Ideas for Australian Boys and Girls

Ah the big 18! It’s a momentous day for boys and girls in Australia! Finally, you are able to drink, vote, and get married (though you’ll probably want to wait for the latter). You are still technically a teen, but you are slowly starting to understand what it is like to be an adult with family members and friends (hopefully) treating you as such. Thus, what better a time to truly celebrate coming of age, then on this glorious day.

The trouble is…what on earth do you do for an 18-year-old boy or girl for such a special birthday? Everybody is different so we will try to offer a mixed variety of things to do for 18th birthdays. In this article we will go through 18th birthday party themes, 18th birthday party ideas for girls, and 18th birthday party ideas for boys. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find a little inspiration and throw them an amazing party that they will look back on fondly for the rest of their lives. Now, let’s take you throw some awesome and fun 18th birthday ideas in Australia.

Australian 18th birthday party ideas

Here are some brilliant 18 year old party ideas that can apply to both boys and girls:

Scavenger hunt

A scavenger hunt might feel a little juvenile for an 18th birthday party, but you can always be scavenging for miniature bottle of alcohol! In any case it is a fun idea for an 18th birthday party for both boys and girls.

Breakfast for dinner

Sure, it sounds a little crazy, but who doesn’t love the sound of wearing pyjamas and eating a massive fry-up for dinner? It’s a fun and silly idea but it can go down a treat.


What better a way of marking such a momentous day than with a couple of big bangs? Fireworks is a great way of marking a special event.


This might not be for everyone, but a sports-day themed birthday is a great way to encourage a little healthy competition between friends and family. That, and you’ll all work up a massive appetite so you can finish off with a sumptuous BBQ afterwards.

Mocktails (or cocktails)

Creating lots of delicious mocktails (or cocktails—they’re 18 after all) is a fun and creative way of celebrating the day.


For the more adventurous type, why not spend the birthday on a surfing, kayaking, or paint-balling trip? There are many adventures to be had. All you need to do is settle on the one your 18-year-old will enjoy the most!

Things to do for an 18th birthday Party

There are so many 18th birthday ideas for you to choose from. Here are some more awesome things that you can consider:

Boardgame party

Again, this might not be for everyone, but if your kid is particularly competitive, a fun board game party might be an affordable alternative to bring everyone together and mark the occasion.

Escape room

An escape room is a thrilling way to spend an 18th birthday party, whether for a boy or girl. It’s a great way to inspire a little competition between everyone and see who can make their way to safety the fastest!

Surprise party

Of course, you can’t beat a good old fashioned surprise birthday party. It does, of course, help if the honouree doesn’t mind being startled and ambushed by all of their loved ones!


Camping is another great adventure and a wonderful way to spend an 18th birthday party. BBQ, beers, and lots of laughter under the stars; perfect. Here’s how to choose a sleeping pad.

Pizza making

It’s all part and parcel of preparing them to leave home! Here’s how to make pizza, enjoy it. Now leave and live off this for the rest of your life. Thank you for stopping by!

What about decorations for an 18th birthday?

Decorations for an 18th birthday party are easy enough to be honest. You can either roll with the typical 18th birthday balloons and candles and so on. Or perhaps, opt for something a little more grown-up and stylish. Colours like black and gold for a more fancy and sophisticated type for example. Or of course, you can choose a theme for the 18th birthday party. What do they love the most? Nobody knows them better than you, so use the knowledge that you have for their 18th birthday decoration ideas.

Perfect 18th birthday party themes

The perfect 18th birthday party theme should be based on their favourite thing in the world. A fancy dress themed 18th birthday party is a whole lot of fun and everyone can get involved.

18th birthday ideas for girls

Movie marathon slumber party

You can’t beat a good old knees-up with the girls at a movie marathon slumber party for an 18th birthday. All of the trashy romcoms that the heart desires.

Bonfire party

Get wrapped up in blankets and sit around swapping stories by the fire, talking about the future and getting tipsy for the first time (hopefully).

Royalty dinner

Your princess might not be so little anymore, but the least you can do for her 18th birthday party is throw her a royalty dinner!

Photo booth party

Girls love selfies, so what better way of marking an 18th birthday party for girls than by throwing a photo booth party?

18th birthday ideas for boys

Weekend adventure party

Get the lads together for a weekend adventure party! Paintballing, camping, swimming, surfing, whatever they love the most. A little bit of outdoor action on an 18th birthday party is a great coming of age experience.

Casino party

A casino party is a fun and lavish way for young lads to get dressed up in a suit and channel their inner James Bond!

Master class

This could be an awesome opportunity to teach your 18-year-old son some handy life skills before you kick them out of the house. How about a masterclass in cooking?

Zombie party

It doesn’t matter how old you are, zombie parties are awesome. Get everyone dressed up nice and spooky or divide your family and friends into the living and the dead and have a massive game of zombie tag!


We hope that you are not feeling too overwhelmed by the sheer volume of ideas for 18th birthday parties that we have shared with you. Again, it’s all about understanding the honouree and choosing a theme or idea that will really resonate with them the most. In any case, if you find yourself struggling and need further assistance, you can always check out Bold Events in Camden for a professionally planned and managed 18th birthday bash!

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