What is the average cost of renting tables and chairs for a wedding in Australia?

As your big day fast approaches, you’ll likely be feeling the stress of having to get everything perfect! You see, the fantasy wedding that we all dream up in our minds for most of our lives is always rather different to what we end up with. And it’s not that it is any less magical or enjoyable, it’s just that in our fantasies, we tend to leave out all of the not so charming details.

For example: did you factor in the cost of renting tables and chairs for your fantasy wedding? How about the catering? What about disabled accessibility? Parking? Had you accounted for everyone’s dietary restrictions?

The point is, as wonderful and exciting as weddings are, part of the charm is in the tension and apprehension of planning the event itself. But don’t worry, in this article, we’ll tick one less thing for you to worry about off your list: the average cost of table and chair rentals for weddings in Australia.


What is the average cost of table and chair rentals?

What is the average cost of table and chair rentals for weddings in Australia? Before we get into that, why is it important? Shouldn’t your venue supply all of the tables and chairs for you? Not always!

This may be something that you hadn’t even considered which is fair enough. Most people are right to assume that the venue would supply tables and chairs but it isn’t always the case. That, and it really depends on the size of your wedding and how much guests you are planning on inviting!

If your venue has informed you that you need to hire your own furniture for the event, then first you need to get your numbers locked down.

If for whatever reason you will be unable to provide accurate numbers on your attendees then always hire more than you need to, just in case.

How much does wedding chair rentals cost?

How much does wedding chair rentals cost for weddings in Australia? Well, it all depends on the chair!

The standard style of chair that you might find in a coffee shop will likely set you back between $6-11 apiece.

Tall stools on the other hand may be slightly dearer at an average of $10 apiece.

You may also wish to hire some lounge furniture, for example a fancy sofa, in which case you could be looking at up to $200.

All in all, it really depends on the quality that you are looking for. Plastic fold out chairs are an option if you want to save as much money as you can. That said, you can’t beat some beautiful Tiffany style chairs if you really want to go all out and wow your guests.

The average cost of chair rentals for weddings

Remember that the average prices for chair rentals that we have provided are not entirely accurate. It really depends on the company that you chose. Some are priced differently, depending on the style and quality of the chair available.

How much does wedding table rental cost?

As far as table rental costs for weddings go, you’ll likely be looking at an average of $75 for a trestle table. The average trestle table will seat 6 guests.

Then there are tall tables with stools for seating 3 or 4 people. This is always a nice touch if you are setting up a nice bar area. These will set you back around $80 a table. Sometimes the stools will be included in the price, other times you’ll have to rent them separately.

As your guest list becomes clearer and more solid you will get a better picture as to how much you will be required to spend for your wedding table rentals.

Average cost of renting tables and chairs for a wedding

Now that you have a rough idea as to how much each individual item of furniture costs on average, you can start looking at how much you can expect to pay in total.

As a rule of thumb, for a 100 person wedding, you should expect to pay somewhere between $20 and $22 per person (for tables and chairs only). Obviously, if you want to start renting extra bits such as dinnerware and linens, table cloths, glassware and top-end cutlery, then you should add another $20 on top.

All in, for a 100 person wedding, you could then be looking at somewhere in the region of up to $4200.



All in all, the average price for renting tables and chairs for a wedding isn’t that bad. It’s only as your guest list starts getting bigger and bigger that the price shoots up. Just remember how important it is to have quality and comfortable furniture. A wedding is a long and tiring event with lots of eating, drinking, and dancing. So, your guests are going to need comfortable furniture so that they can sit and rest and recover as necessary.

Again, some venues will not require that you need to rent out any furniture. However, in such a case, make sure you check the quality of the furniture before you make any commitments. There is no rule against you hiring your own furniture. If in that event, you may even be able to get some money off the price of renting the venue…it certainly doesn’t hurt to ask anyway.

Either way, we wish you the very best of luck! May your special day with your better half be as perfect as the fantasy wedding that you’ve always had in your heart!

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