There Should Not Be An App For That

Hold On

An old but perfect contender for our “There Should Not Be An App For That” column, Hold On is surely one of the most pointless apps to be found.

This is the definition of a single-serving app. You hold down the big red virtual button on screen. And keep holding. And see how long you can hold it for. Now available in multiplayer app, for when you want to see if you can feel superior to all your friends at the important life-skill of pushing buttons.

It’s infuriating enough that people actually do bother to download this app, but to add insult to injury they actually pay 99c for the pleasure.

Of course, as the website proudly proclaims, this is the ideal tool to “develop your perseverance and improve your concentration skills to make you more productive!” Or you could, you know, go do something productive. Dickheads.

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