There Should Not Be An App For That

Tooth fairy calculator

I’m a parent, so I can confirm the iPhone and iPad are the greatest parenting tools since the invention of bright shiny objects.

Kid chucking a tantrum in the post office line? Hand over the iPhone. Got a long haul flight? Bring out the iPad.

Then, of course, there are all the ways you, as a parent, can use the iPad/iPhone to improve your parenting. Download the latest parenting book. Check in with the Cancer Council app on whether the day’s UV rating calls for sunscreen. Open up this app from Visa to find out the market rate for your child’s tooth when it falls out. Um… what?

Not content to just say “put a gold coin under the damn pillow already”, this app actually allows you to input data about your location, highest achieved education level and annual income to determine its figure. Anyone else feel like Visa might be mining our personal data here? Nah, I’m sure a massive international credit company wouldn’t stoop that low!

A free app that outsources parenting decisions? Priceless.

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