There Should Not Be An App For That

USA election apps: TSNBAAFT special edition

Should there be an app for that? When it comes to the American election, it appears nobody asked this simple question. There are apps for everything. Here we round up the least useful:



Those whacky Americans. If you were going to make a game out of an election, what would you do? Create a game where Obama and Romney battle it out with lightsabers/giant mallets/microphones in the oval office/White House lawn/debate stage? Of course you would! But naturally you’d add in some ‘facts’ about the election itself to add some of the appropriate gravitas required on such an occasion. God bless America.



You Decide

Ahh, Fox News. True to form, rather than creating an app with useful information like where to vote, or comparing Obama and Romney’s policies, Fox have decided to go a different way. A way free from the burden of facts or relevance. In this handy app, you can input your predictions on which way each state will swing. Then bombard everyone you know with your feelpinions via twitter, facebook, and email.



Comedy Central’s Indecision Election Companion

This app promises to guide you through the highs and lows of the election campaign, including snapshots and a peanut gallery. Useless, but at least the comedy is intentional.







Race for the White House

You know is better than working in politics? Pretending to work in politics. This SIMs style election campaign can be run from the comfort of your own mobile device, ensuring you too can practice corruption, lies and pork-barreling just like your political hero!



Bash the Vote

Billing itself as a way to “relieve pre-election stress”, this delightful app allows you to bash your least-loved candidate over and over until you’ve worked that tension out. It also tallies these votes/bashings in a handy National Bash Tally. I’m starting to wonder why anyone in American votes at all when you could take advantage of this kind of democratic vote. Pretty sure it will be the official voting mechanism at the next election.

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